Minus the bus ride there, Edmonton was pretty fun.

Today I and other students from the Social Justice club went to Youth Day in University of Alberta. There we talked about a lot of things, things like gender equality and I went to a session called Play around the World.. which was also really fun.

In the beginning, they made all the girls take off their shoes and sit down on the ground while the guys sat on their chairs. I was a bit uncomfortable and confused to what was happening. After that two women started placing grapes into the girls hands while the guys were fed the grapes, and at this time I was more that confused. But then I got to thinking why they would do this. I thought that they were showing us how the men was more superior than the women and that the women were powerless.

The two women ended up telling us why they did that. They said that the women were more pure and clean than the men, and that was why the men were fed their grapes because they were unclean.

“Curiosity before judgement”

Play around the world was really fun because I got to talk to women that went to Thailand and they I think they volunteered in orphanages and the were actually playing with the children. They told us that office supplies like a rubber band were toys to them. I learn a game called blow ice cream. This game was actually created by the children in Thailand. What they would do was that after they ate their ice cream they would try to blow the popsicle sticks and make them go on top of each other.

What really surprised me about this session were the disabilities that some of these kids had. I was told that one of the children had bones that was starting to solidify and so he could no longer move.. he was kind of like cardboard.

Overall I think that this day went really well and I hope to do this next year!



I know that my MDG project is done but I just quickly want to show you guys these pictures that made me smile. (:

The moment when you realize a child living in total poverty is more happy than you are. Money truly cannot buy happiness. I am in pursuit of that happiness.” -?


I have finished the book SOLD and it was great!Lakshmi, the main character ended up leaving the “Happiness House”, she was rescued by an American and police men. In the book, characters like Lakshmi or Harish, think that  a ball made from the rags, a small cup of tea or coca cola is a luxury. Whereas in countries like Canada, living in mansions, owning a billion cars or having a thousand diamonds a is a luxury.  I guess that they  think that these items are luxury because they don’t have much in their lives and these items are something that they do not buy everyday.

I have started publishing my blog posts about the poverty in Somalia onto my Facebook account. People have been liking it but not a lot of people. I think that it doesn’t matter how many people like it, as long as someone is reading what is going on in Somalia.

Doing small things affects the people in Somalia in a big way, knowing that someone cares about them gives them hope. The picture above is showing a person that may be a tourist and a child that looks malnourished. You can see how happy the child looks just by his face expressions. This child looks like he’s been through a lot and to him seeing a person that shows that they actually care means a lot to him. This shows how our society is changing, now we are providing countries like Somalia with food, clean drinking water and aid through organizations like World Vision.

” Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Gandhi

Eradicating poverty can help provide more food and a better lifestyle for people. There would not be a limited amount of food or medicine supply for children and other people.

No one likes living in poverty.

I agree when Gandhi said that poverty is the worst type of violence, this is because it can cause many deaths in a society. Poverty has the power to ruin or weaken peoples happiness and hope. When these are weakened, people in countries like Somalia will stop to care. Now that they are going hungry, their bodies will start to decompose which cause the flies to surround them.

Poverty can also start wars between other societies and countries because when there is poverty there will be a limited amount of food. People will do anything to get food because they are starving. If a society or a third world country runs out food it will cause them to steal food or kill for food. Other countries are more selfish and and power hungry, that they may start wars between countries to get what they want.

2 am in the morning – The Power of Words

I love this video.

This video is showing how powerful words can really be, even if it is as small as changing someone’s sign. I think that it is saying that doing the smallest things can affect that person in a big way. This could be applied to countries like Somalia. I think  that by doing small things like donating or doing fundraisers can create a huge impact. I guess it really starts with helping the poor people in our country today. Someone once told me ,” How can we fix the poverty in other countries if we can’t even fix the poor and starving people in our own country?”


The book Sold has so far been very heartbreaking. The main character Lakshmi has already been sold to a woman named Mumtaz and she is now working in a brothel. She ends up in a place called the Happiness House, where she believes the movies stars live. At first Lakshmi is clueless to where she is but she soon figures out that she was sold into prostitution. When she refuses to the job Mumtaz locks her up in her room and starves her until she cooperates. Lakshmi decides to cooperate because she figures that if she works for Mumtaz it would be a faster way for her to pay off her family’s debt so that she can come back to her family.

She is becoming great friends with the other girls in the house and a boy she calls David Beckham. Lakshmi started learning languages other than her own from the boy. She gets used to the other girls and she learns more and more about them.