Somalia Refugees in Keyna

My brother and I were talking about my blog and I told him that I was doing Somalia. He then told me that Somalian refugees were sneaking into Kenya. After this I decided to research more about it. It turns out that Somalians have been sneaking into Kenya for many years now. All they really wanted was to get out of their country in search for refuge in another country because of the famine and the drought.  The government of course didn’t like them coming across the border for free, even the people in Kenya did not like it either. The Somalian people were treated with disrespect, they were abused and neglected. Now they are put into refugee camps in Kenya.

These are some pictures from the Somalian refugees camps in Kenya:


Americanization. GOOD or BAD?

There are many companies from around the world that is owned by the Americans. Companies like McDonald’s in India, Lacoste in France or Apple companies in China. Americanization can be a good thing because America is making money from these corporations, but in my opinion I think that Americanization is not a very good thing.  Having these companies in different parts of the world could interfere with other country’s culture. American companies are not the only ones interfering with culture; it is also the American TV shows premiering, and also music. When people especially children watch these shows, they could think that the shows are better than their own TV shows. They could easily pick up a language different from theirs and start using it other than their own. Language is not the only issue, American music, dances and sports are also shown. Especially now that technology is evolving, children are getting their own computers and musical devices. Now in some countries children wear American brand clothing, dance how they dance, listen to their music and talk in their language.

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These are pictures of American companies in different parts of the world.