“A picture is worth a THOUSAND words”

Everyday people die of starvation or diseases, and most of these people are children. Children in Somalia are severely malnourished that they cannot support themselves. Our lives are so valuable and yet some of us take it for granted. We don’t have to struggle to get water, food or medicine but people in Somalia have to.  They don’t worry about getting designer clothes or getting the newest game for their Xbox because they can barely meet their basic needs, they worry about surviving for tomorrow. Seeing a lot of pictures of adults and children in Somalia suffering makes me realize how extremely blessed I am to be where I am today.

This is just a short video of what the children in Somalia are going through.

I could not help but cry when I was watching this video, these children were abandoned and as you can see that they are severely malnourished. I felt horrible for the times when I said that hated my life. After watching this video on Friday night, I had a dream that I was in their situation, suffering. I didn’t know what to do and whenever I called out for help no one answered. In my dream, people were staring and walking past me. That was the time where I felt abandoned and helpless. Children in Somalia have been strong through the situations that is happening, and I applaud them for it because I know that I would not last without food.


The Famine of 2011


There are many people in the Horn in Africa that are suffering from poverty and one of these places is in Somalia. In the summer of 2011 Somalia and other countries in Africa was hit by one of the worst droughts in 60 years. About tens of thousand of people have died because of malnutrition; three million people are in great need of aid and more than ten million people are at risk. They are all struggling to survive and hopes that their cries will be heard. In early August of 2011, aid groups and the United Nations started bringing emergency food and medicine to help these people.

Somalians did not wait to be rescued, so about tens of thousands of people had fled to Kenya and Ethiopia for help. The famous rebel group in Somalia, Al-Shabaab, saw these Somalians crossing the border and going into other countries seeking for help. The rebel group responded to this situation by blocking and stopping these starving people from fleeing the country and by also putting them into cantonment camps. Cantonment camps were where Al-Shabaab imprisoned the people who tried to escape his territory.

“Kill the Indian, save the Man”

It was my first time hearing about residential schools in Canada. When I first heard about it I thought that it was just a normal school, but it wasn’t. These residential schools were owned by the government, and it was for the Aboriginal children. The reason why these schools were built was to civilize these children, they wanted the children to adopt a more westernized lifestyle. When they came to school, they were not allowed to wear their traditional clothing, have long hair, or practice their own religion. Although it looks like these children were only being being taught how to be more westernized, but they were also getting abused. They were not allowed to tell their parents or else they would get into more trouble, and they would be forced to go to school if they didn’t show up. As time went on, these children lost their culture and they started to speak and dress differently. Going home, changed their family structure and soon it their family structure started to break apart.

“I have also been ordered to stand on the outside of the windows with a rope around my waist to clean windows on the fourth floor with a little girl holding the rope. When I told the Sister I was afraid to go out the window she scolded me and made me clean the window and threatened to beat me if I did not do it. This is being done to other children.” said a 15 year old girl who went to one of  the residential schools in Saskatchewan. She said that the sisters would beat them and make them go through hard labour.


My chosen MDG project

For my MDG project I have chosen to do poverty. This relates with my country a lot, because Somalia is going through a famine right now. Somalians are struggling to survive everyday and some of them can’t support their own families. Poverty has become a serious issue in Somalia as well as other African countries. I think that by spreading awareness in a creative way about poverty in Somalia and poverty in general can get other peoples attention. I will be fundraising for Inn From the Cold and I will probably be fundraising for the World Vision Christmas catalogue.

I love how the smallest things can make a difference (: