Dance :)

I didn’t know how to take action for spreading awareness about the poverty in Somalia and my time is running out soon. I didn’t realize it before but I have been spreading awareness through dance. Throughout this whole semester I have been dancing for different events that  give all their proceeds to an organization that actually goes to the third world countries. I have danced in an event that the social justice club made called Breaking for Bread competition, and all the profit that was made went to World Vision Canada. I have also danced in a recent Christmas party where all the money earned goes to helping build schools in the Philippines.

There is one event that takes place at the end of every month at my school called Coffee House. Different performances are showed and the cost to goes to different organizations such as CAWST, War Child Canada, Simon’s Village and Right to Play. Intermission is free but to earn money Tim Horton’s has  donated their coffee and donuts for the social justice club to sell.

So far I have danced in two Coffee House performances and I have loved every minute of it! This is one of the Coffee House performances.


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