The book Sold has so far been very heartbreaking. The main character Lakshmi has already been sold to a woman named Mumtaz and she is now working in a brothel. She ends up in a place called the Happiness House, where she believes the movies stars live. At first Lakshmi is clueless to where she is but she soon figures out that she was sold into prostitution. When she refuses to the job Mumtaz locks her up in her room and starves her until she cooperates. Lakshmi decides to cooperate because she figures that if she works for Mumtaz it would be a faster way for her to pay off her family’s debt so that she can come back to her family.

She is becoming great friends with the other girls in the house and a boy she calls David Beckham. Lakshmi started learning languages other than her own from the boy. She gets used to the other girls and she learns more and more about them.


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