” Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Gandhi

Eradicating poverty can help provide more food and a better lifestyle for people. There would not be a limited amount of food or medicine supply for children and other people.

No one likes living in poverty.

I agree when Gandhi said that poverty is the worst type of violence, this is because it can cause many deaths in a society. Poverty has the power to ruin or weaken peoples happiness and hope. When these are weakened, people in countries like Somalia will stop to care. Now that they are going hungry, their bodies will start to decompose which cause the flies to surround them.

Poverty can also start wars between other societies and countries because when there is poverty there will be a limited amount of food. People will do anything to get food because they are starving. If a society or a third world country runs out food it will cause them to steal food or kill for food. Other countries are more selfish and and power hungry, that they may start wars between countries to get what they want.


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