“A Diamond is a girl’s best friend”

Blood Diamond was quite a movie.

Before I watched this movie I had no idea what blood diamonds were, but now I do. This movie had a lot to do with what my social class was discussing, human right issues. In the movie the use of child labour was involved, they were called child soldiers. These children were brainwashed and were given alcohol, drugs and worst of all they were given guns and so they started killing innocent people. Adults were also used as a form of slavery in this movie, the men were separated from their families and was forced to mine diamonds. The people in Africa that was running these diamond mines are greedy and only care about getting power and money, to show that they were in power they killed innocent people . They wanted people to fear them so that they would look more superior. Their group was called the RUF.



Since it is already snowing outside, I have decided to go out into my neighbourhood and ask my neighbours if I could shovel their driveway for only a dollar. I know that no one likes shovelling in the cold and that is why I want to do this. I can raise money and at the same time help the people in my neighbourhood. This could be a possible idea that I can do. All the money could go to Inn from the Cold charity and/or World Vision. I will probably be starting this next weekend.

I have not decided how I can raise money for my the organization that I am doing which is World Vision except for the shovelling of the driveways. My time is running out to think of ideas for fundraising., I want to do something unique and something that no one has never thought of. If I can’t do that I could just ask the priest at my church if I could ask for donations their for the World Vision catalogue

As part of my active engagement towards the community I have decided to do a bottle drive in my community. The money that I earn will go to my chosen NGO like World Vision. My goal for this bottle drive it to get at least three bags filled and I will be starting this next week. I hope that this bottle drive will be successful, as for now I will still try to think of other ideas to get involved in my community.

The book sold has been very depressing so far. In the book the author described the different roles of men and women. A thirteen year old girl named Lakshmi has a big responsibility in her household by helping her family survive, and she is also going to school at the same time. In my opinion I think that it  would be a very difficult job for a a girl as young as Lakshmi. Her life is hard because she has a big job of trying to support her family and she is really the only one capable of working.

Poverty still exists today in many countries. The setting of the book takes place in Nepal which had poverty and with poverty there is also diseases that people there have to go through. The shortage of food also affects them a lot too. This is really disappointing because here I am eating lots of food.

I saw this Facebook status on my dashboard and it confused me a little bit.

For a person that can afford a computer can probably afford other necessities like food. I admit that I could be like that too, thinking that I don’t have enough money. Sometimes we take things like food and water for granted and we don’t really consider these things as our luxury items, but countries like Somalia  would kill for these items. That is why for this project I really want to find a great way to spread awareness to people about the problems in these third world countries like poverty and hunger.

Paskong Pinoy

Tonight I am going to a Christmas party and happens every year called Paskoy Pinoy. Actually my sisters and I have volunteered to perform and all the proceeds from the party will go to a non-profitable organization called Pinoy Without Borders. This year is one of the biggest than the past Paskong Pinoy parties because this year there will be about 300-400 guests that are coming.

As I have said before, Pinoy Without Borders is a non-profitable organization. 100% of the money earned tonight will go to this organization and will be donated to the less fortunate children and families that could not afford to have a good Christmas.

The book that I have started reading was Sold. The situation that is happening is in India and my country is Somalia, but the similarities with this book and my country is my MDG goal, poverty. The book is about a 15 year old girl named Lakshmi, and although she is poor, she is living  a happy life with her brother, mother and lazy her stepfather. She was enjoying life until she was sold away by her stepfather in the big city in India and was put in a brothel. Now instead of living her life, she is living in fear and pain. Lakshmi is to stay there to make money to support her family because all of their crops were washed away from the monsoon. What she didn’t know was that the person in charge of the brothel was cheating her earnings so that she never leaves.

I am in the beginning of the book, and so far it described how Lakshmi life was. Her family is very poor, but she was happy with the simple pleasures in her life, things like her black and white speckled goat. Her mother spends her day taking care of her and her brother, and her lazy stepfather who spends his day gambling. Lakshmi’s family crops are in the verge of dying because it hasn’t rained for a while now. Until, monsoon season starts, it is the time of the year when it rains and it helps all the crops. After a while during the monsoon season too much rain is coming down that the crops are getting to much water.