Minus the bus ride there, Edmonton was pretty fun.

Today I and other students from the Social Justice club went to Youth Day in University of Alberta. There we talked about a lot of things, things like gender equality and I went to a session called Play around the World.. which was also really fun.

In the beginning, they made all the girls take off their shoes and sit down on the ground while the guys sat on their chairs. I was a bit uncomfortable and confused to what was happening. After that two women started placing grapes into the girls hands while the guys were fed the grapes, and at this time I was more that confused. But then I got to thinking why they would do this. I thought that they were showing us how the men was more superior than the women and that the women were powerless.

The two women ended up telling us why they did that. They said that the women were more pure and clean than the men, and that was why the men were fed their grapes because they were unclean.

“Curiosity before judgement”

Play around the world was really fun because I got to talk to women that went to Thailand and they I think they volunteered in orphanages and the were actually playing with the children. They told us that office supplies like a rubber band were toys to them. I learn a game called blow ice cream. This game was actually created by the children in Thailand. What they would do was that after they ate their ice cream they would try to blow the popsicle sticks and make them go on top of each other.

What really surprised me about this session were the disabilities that some of these kids had. I was told that one of the children had bones that was starting to solidify and so he could no longer move.. he was kind of like cardboard.

Overall I think that this day went really well and I hope to do this next year!